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SSQ: Single Speed Quality Cassettes

Cassette Comeback ( was the worlds biggest independent compact cassette retailer, and is part or Red Manor Ltd.

We were dismayed by the quality of modern pre-recorded cassettes. The reasons they sound so bad?

  • Duplicated at up to 96x speed! That mean they do one side of a C90 in about 30 seconds!

  • Single head duplication machines

  • Using Chinese / Italian shells

  • Using remnants of New Old Stock tape, but mostly new Chinese tape

  • Type 1 – Normal position

  • No Dolby noise reduction

This creates audio quality that is lower than is fully capable with compact cassettes and creates a “cookie cutter” product, that is seen simply as a cheap novelty.

We use our own in house professional 3 head duplication decks for our cassette releases. Nobody else does this as it's so time consuming...but you can hear the difference.

“Single Speed Quality” makes the most of the compact cassette medium by providing the highest audio quality through:

  • New Old Stock (NOS) cassettes from recognisable brands likes of TDK, Maxell, Sony, SKC, BASF with high quality shells which give a real visual impact as well as nostalgia

  • The option to use, not just Type 1 “Normal” position tape, but Type 2 “High / Chrome” position tape or even Type IV “Metal” position tape

  • Single speed duplication – This maximises the sound recorded to the tape

  • Direct “digital bin” duplication: direct from digital source, through a dedicated external DAC, to cassette in one “hop” – no generational degradation

  • Utilises high end, 3 head, duplication decks that were designed to record studio masters, which are then individually tuned to the tape’s formulation

  • Recorded with Dolby HX Pro headroom extension for better high frequencies

  • The option of encoding with Dolby B / C noise reduction (not recommended really…let a cassette sound like a cassette!)

This will ensure that the cassettes sound BETTER than any mass duplicated cassette, from now or even in the heyday of cassettes.

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